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Grass Fed Lamb and Mutton


Shetland lamb and hogget is lean and known for its mild flavor compared with commercially raised, grain-fed lamb. Mutton has a richer, more complex flavor that is slightly stronger and more similar in flavor to commercially raised lamb. When fed exclusively on grass, it is a great source of omega-3s, vitamin B12, niacin, selenium, and zinc.

Our flock is rotationally grazed throughout the summer and fed a mixed-species grass hay through the winter. Lambs are weaned at five months, giving them the entire summer to nurse and grow. Minimal grain is only offered as a training tool to call sheep into the barnyard for routine checks and care, and it is never a part of their daily diet. We offer our flock free-choice kelp meal to provide essential nutrients, which has recently been found to offset the methane produced by ruminants.

Most years we selectively harvest lambs and cull adults in November and yearlings, traditionally called hoggets, in June. Live animals can be bought and humanely processed through our experienced on-farm slaughterer and custom-cut butcher. Whole or half animals can be purchased, with whole lambs typically averaging 20-25 lbs hanging weight, hoggets 25-30 lbs, and mutton 35-45 lbs.

What to Expect

Lamb cuts for a whole animal include the following: 2 shoulder roasts, 2 leg roasts, 4 shanks, 2 full breasts (akin to spare ribs on pork), 2 lbs of ground lamb, and 4-6 packages of chops. Hoggets offer the same cuts, slightly bigger, as Shetlands are slow growers and the meat is still tender until age 2. For our family of five, we expect to get 12 dinners from one animal. We choose to leave all roasts on the bone to maximize flavor and minimize waste.

A whole mutton is ground with shanks and shoulder left whole for braising. This is the best option if you are looking for 15-20 lbs of ground lamb.

Pricing and Ordering

Processing costs (slaughter plus butcher) are approximately $100-125 per animal, and live animals range from $90-$175 depending on age and size. Buyers can anticipate the cost for a whole lamb to average $200, while mutton will be $275. A $50 deposit is required to reserve your share. Please email us below to reserve a lamb.

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