Shetlands for sale.

A hardy, multipurpose breed.

At this time we do not have any animals available.

Please check back in late March, once lambing is underway, and we begin evaluating our flock for future goals. As decisions are made, we will reach out to our interested buyers and post availability.

We anticipate offering about a dozen lambs, a handful of proven adult ewes, and a few yearling ewes and rams for summer 2021.

All sheep will be re-homed in late-June or early-July at the earliest, after weaning, shearing, and fleece evaluations.

Contact us today, as we already have a list of interested buyers. We prefer to match our animals to the buyer's goals and encourage questions to ensure our sheep find their best-fit home.


242 Granby Road

Guildhall, VT 05905


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