Tanned Sheepskin
  • Striking, naturally colored, sheepskins from our small flock of registered Shetlands. These sheepskins come in a range of natural colors, dye-free, directly from the sheep. Hides are numbered and priced according to size. Additional photos available upon request.

    Product Background
    A small, hardy breed, Shetlands are known for their soft fleece and ability to thrive on grass. Boasting eleven distinct colors, this breed produces fleece in virtually every shade of black and brown to true white. Our flock is multi-purposed, providing our family and local community with wool each spring and grass-fed meat each fall, all while keeping our historic fields open as pasture.

    Each sheepskin is carefully handled during our on-farm harvest to preserve the hide's integrity and unique character. After being salt-dried and hand picked in our barn, hides are tanned and further processed in Pennsylvania by a professional tannery, Buck's County Fur. Washable sheepskins are returned each spring ready for purchase. Due to our small flock size, quantities are very limited.


    Tanned Sheepskin